Today proves you are never too old to learn something new. Yep, I finally figured out how to download my photos from my phone to my computer! I wanted it on my laptop but couldn’t get it to work so I tried downloading to the PC. I hit every icon there was, twice, thinking I was missing something. Then wa-la. Don’t ask me to try to explain how I did I because I have no idea but I downloaded over one thousand seven hundred pictures. No wonder my phone kept telling me I had no more room for pictures!!

Really how many pictures do you need? As I was going through each one to delete on my phone, which by the way, I still have many more to go. Anyway, I took, or maybe my phone decided to multiply each picture, who knows, but I had more than one of the same picture. Sometimes there was four of each!

And another thing, how many times do you need to take pictures of the food you eat? I wonder if I sent the picture to someone, probably did. IMG_0373Actually this plate of wonderful eggs, bacon, and French toast was devoured my non other than me at Mimi’s in Fairfield, California. Yummm.

It was nice to look at the pictures of children and grandchildren and see how they’ve matured. You noticed I said matured. If I said how they’ve grown a few of the children would be offended. You know how that goes. Plus welcoming the wonderful pictures of great grandchildren. What a blessing. I have been blessed.

So I’m off to delete more pictures so I can start fresh. Yeah, more pictures. More food.

Until then…………….


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