Whoot. Whoot. I learn something new everyday. This morning I was going through my pictures looking for my business logo. Didn’t find it but was looking at old pictures I’d scanned. Some, because they were small, had a lot of white space around them. So I thought why not try to crop them. It took me a couple of tries to get it done but here I am at about four years old. Can anyone remember these old swings?

Old Pictures from 1919 thru 1975 030 (2)

While looking through the pictures I saw quite a resemblance to my granddaughter. No wonder when I look at her I see myself doing some of the same things she does. Now I know why my cousin told my brother I was a snot when I was little. Really???

Old Pictures from 1919 thru 1975 034 (2)And by the way Mom, where was my jacket. I see snow on the ground here.

So now it’s back to the pictures. And yes, I did see my logo I was looking for. Guess I will get to work on that and see what I can do. Oh no, you know where my time is going to go today instead of writing. Twenty lashes….

Until then…………………………


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