Well I’m still at it. I thought once I found what I was looking for I wouldn’t need to keep my nose to the computer monitor and my fingers on the keys. No, that’s not the way it goes. I want to know more, after all there are still loose puzzle pieces out there. I have the frame all pieced in but now there are the little, everyday things that went on in our ancestors lives that need to be filled in.

And I still can’t stop checking my DNA matches. With so many people out there interested in where they came from they are having their DNA done too. You never know who might pop up on your match!dna

And it has been my pleasure to help a few people figure out where they need to begin to find their relatives.

I have to admit I love the hunt. The chase, if you will. I don’t have all the answers but I can send you in the direction I’d go.

So let me bid you goodbye for now as I really do need to get to writing. I’m working on my second novel, I need to do a devotional, plus I have to go over bank statements. Oh yes, no rest for the weary. I love it!

Until then…………………….



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