It’s happened again. I have a match through DNA on the Bradstreet name. I found about the name Bradstreet when I was doing my husband’s genealogy. Humphrey Bradstreet was born Apr 1594 in Ipswich, England. He married Bridget Harris. They had seven children. They emigrated in 1634 on the ship Elizabeth landing in Boston.

on the cape

So you’re asking yourself, why tell you all this. Well, I’m chasing rabbits again. All I did was check my DNA matches to see if I had any new ones. I did they had the name of Simon Bradstreet who became the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His daughter, Mercy Bradstreet married John Hazen.

Just because this information was written down I have to  check it out for myself. What’s that old saying, “I want to see myself.” I thought maybe he, Simon, was related to Humphrey. maybe they were brothers.

I googled both men, Simon and Humphrey. They are both listed in the Boston Transcript 1906-1941 but I couldn’t put them together as being brothers. Both were from England, Simon coming over in 1630 and Humphrey in 1634.

And there it is, I’ve wasted three hours chasing rabbits again. I was only going to check my DNA then work on my book. Well, maybe I didn’t waste the time, after all I did find new information on Humphrey that I can add to my husband’s tree. So nix the book and update his tree it is.

Until then………………………….

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