I know that’s a funny title but let me tell you right now I feel like I’m trying to birth a baby with trying to get my book out there for you. It goes like this. Download or upload, I always get the two mixed up, to the printer. You go through every page, slowly, and it looks good. You have your business partner go through the book, page by page. Yep, looks good, but before we order let’s get a proof, just to make sure.

aubree as katie XXXIIIWe leave Katie to ponder the situation.

Now we have the proof in our hot little hands. Outside looks good. We both go through the book, page by page, very slow. My beta reader goes through each page. Oops, there’s several mistakes. How did that get by me? And how did it get by others? How did it get by all my critique partners? Okay, so let’s fix it.

We go back to the drawing board and take care of all the mistakes, misspellings, and so forth. It’s looking good again. The book really looks good. So, do I get another proof or not? I sleep on it.

When I got up this morning I went into prayer over the book. Do I or don’t I order proofs or do I go out on a limb of faith and place my order? Faith is the substance of things not seen.    2 Corinthians 5:7. I live my life by this verse.  I pray again. It’s in God’s hands. I order 100 copies.

Book signing at Cibolo Coffee Haus located on Cibolo Valley Road across from the Cibolo Fire Station. Date: 23 April 5 p.m. See you there.

Until then…………………………….


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