Can you believe it…nine more months to Christmas. Time is flying by way too fast. Or is it I’m getting older. Who knows. Wait, if I’m getting older I should be getting slower at doing things, so time should be going by slower. I like that reasoning. But my life is not going by like that.

Mr. “C” says he can’t keep up with me. My sentences run into each other. I run from one room of the house to the other always putting away something, straightening something, letting the dogs out to do their business, and whew I’m pooped. I still haven’t fallen asleep in the chair while watching television with Mr. “C” yet.

Cibolo Coffee Haus

I’m at the Cibolo Coffee Haus today trying to play catch up, but do we ever get caught up? Think about it. We go without sleep all week to get things done and we think we’ll sleep all week end. We look forward to the week end. The coziness of the bed with the big fluffy pillows and warm blankets. Our bedroom dark from the heavy, blackout drapes. But it doesn’t happen. We are up at the crack of dawn to let the dogs out, get to a weekend meeting by seven and so it goes. We never get caught up on the sleep missed!

Okay by now you get the picture. I’m trying to play catch up. I’m working on second novel. The first one is having some renovation done to it by my super powered, wonderful, editor in chief, and business partner. And I do have a beta reader working on it too. Hope I didn’t make too many mistakes for them to fix. I can only pray.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the story to put to paper. Amen.

Until then…………………………………..




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