Oh why do I let it go by for so long? Now I’ve got to play catch up on the goings on in my life. Where or where do I start? I finished the book, finally. It’s published and I’ve had my first book signing. Have I mentioned it was “Wonderful”. Never thought I’d be a published author much less have a book signing. Wow!

book signing with aubreeAnd look who accompanied me, the cover girl, Katie aka my granddaughter.

Mr. “C” and I took a couple of days and went to Port Aransas down on Mustang Island. The weather couldn’t have been any better. Beautiful. We joined a few of my Purple Girls (that’s the name Abel’s diner gave us as we have breakfast there every Thursday). One of the ladies grilled hot dogs for us, which I must say were delicious. Plus it was the company we were with too. I was able to put a check mark for exercise by walking the beach, yea me.

Now, for the big trip of the year, Waterloo, Iowa. Ever since I found my biological father and other relatives, I’ve been wanting to make this trip. When I marked it out on the map I never realized how close Waterloo was to where my mother’s mother was born and raised. So close yet so far. It’s taken me twenty years, DNA, patience and more patience than I ever thought I had to figure out the identity of my father.

I’ve been trying to find a picture of him but to no avail. I think I have one but not sure who this man is. All I know he is quite cozy with my mother. So now that both are deceased, I finally figured it out, I’m heading north. Say a prayer and wish me luck. Actually the prayer will do. Will keep you posted. And I won’t wait until next month to let you know.

Until then………………………..



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