wall street and broadway nycI made it to Wall Street, New York City. Didn’t get to take home any money! Oh well, what’s money. The route to all evil. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

on our way to nyc 2015 for ethan's birthdayOur surprise trip started from Dallas. The grandson had no idea what was in store for him. My daughter and I’d been planning his thirteenth birthday trip for over six months. He’s a teenager now! Actually we started out from San Antonio and took him to Dallas. We told him that was his birthday present. But in the early morning hours we got him up and said we didn’t want to stay here so let’s go back to the airport and go somewhere else. He was so sleepy he didn’t argue. When we got to the airport we went straight to our gate. A smile appeared on his sweet face. From there our adventure began.

ethan eating his cupcakeI bought him a hostess cupcake from Toys R Us and said that was his birthday cake. Let me tell you it was a BIG cupcake. So chocolaty.

ethan and gma and mommy on big busFrom Times Square to catch the Big Bus for our bus tour of the city. I highly recommend it. The only way to see the city, hop on, hop off. They took us everywhere. Had a lot of our meals from the small vendors on the street. Food was actually pretty good. The grandson got his first New York hotdog. Loved it!

The best surprise was going to see Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. I was in awe of the theatre. All I could think of was all of the stars who graced the stage from Vaudeville to present. He was in awe of the play. At the end he told his mother he was going to be on that stage some day. I believe it.

It was a short trip but a fun trip. We packed all the sights we could into just a couple of days. This trip will be one my grandson will remember forever. So will grandma!

Until then my friends………………………………..

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