I’m all of the above. As most of you know I’ve been looking for my biological father for over fifteen years. About ten years ago I finally had my DNA done. I’ve check so many times to see if I had any close matches but alas, I had none. Then about a year ago I got a match to a third-fourth cousin. Then it seemed like that group all had their DNA done. It was the line from Mattocks and Kinsel. But no one any closer than the third-fourth cousin.

family tree

I didn’t even know what name to look for. My mother took all the information to the grave with her. So the blood hound (that’s what my brother calls me) in me started getting serious about finding some answers. I can truthfully say I know more about the Mattocks-Kinsel line than even they know.

Oh wait, I did that with another name that I thought I was related to and after eight to ten years I found out I had the wrong person. But I made a few friends along the way. This time with the DNA I’ve been getting a lot of hits with the Mattocks-Kinsel names. So, there has to be something to this. Right?

What my mother did keep was some pictures but I had no idea who they were. She did date the pictures. That was good. But I wasn’t having any luck identifying them. I still may not have any luck. I will have to be more patient. God is really working on me with this patience thing!

So let me get back to the DNA. This week I got a match to a first cousin and the names that came up was Mattocks-Kinsel. I worked on it for two days. My friend worked on it for two days. We came up with the same info. The same hits. I was ready to cry. My heart was racing. Then I had to sit down. Could this really be it? What do I do now? I didn’t believe it. Should I believe it? So many questions. Did God put it in front of me finally. Was I ready for it? I took the plunge. I contacted a few people. I’m now waiting.

Check back and see if I finally found the father I never I knew.

Until then……………………………

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