Today marks the first day of hubby’s retirement. I awoke as usual by the crying of our little Shiatsu. She wanted to get up before I usually got her up. I try to keep the three dogs on a schedule but sometimes they get out of whack. But like a good Momma I waited till seven then got up, put them out to do their business, brought them back in and fed them.  I then took my vitamins and juice and brought out the bacon to fry. I thought I’d be a good wife and fix hubby a nice breakfast. An hour later I sat his meal in front of him and said. “Happy retirement. Day one. Don’t expect this every day. Enjoy.”

Yesterday was hubby’s last day at work and the send off couldn’t have been nicer. “They really like me.” Hubbs said later that evening.

I reassured him again, yes, they indeed do like you.

gmpa says feels goodThis is for his front porch sitting. Now I really don’t see him doing a whole lot of this but maybe some day. Beautiful rocker.

gmpa's quilt from barbaraHis secretary made him a gorgeous quit that now lays on the back of our couch. He can look at it often and see how much he was appreciated.

curtis's retirement       gmpa;s retirementAll in all it was a incredibly, fabulous, awesome retirement. He received many wonderful gifts, so many to start listing. You know who you are and he and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I know these are mushy words to describe the party but so many people came to wish him well. He was overwhelmed. I kept telling him yes, they do like you!

Thank you J & J Worldwide Services, BAMC, SAMMC for my husband’s last fourteen years. Proud to be a part of this organization. Thank you, Jesus, for guidance and always watching over my husband.

Now, on to Chapter Three. Until then……………………………………..

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  1. Raylene Luckett says:

    Happy Retirement. Just wanted to say you never really retire… Love ya, Ray

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