Well here I am again. Finally. Hubby is back from California and already counting down his final days to retirement. A big adjustment for both of us. Am I ready? Guess I’ll have to be.

In the meantime my good friend and I have purchased the Franklin Scribes Publishing Co from a dear friend’s widow. He passed away in June. His hard work of three years just couldn’t be cast aside so here we are learning the publishing business. My friend is also the Assistant Principal of a newly formed Christian Academy in Bulverde called Living Rock Academy. So you see we’ve really bit off a lot and all at once.

Like I said before my book is finished and I’m still trying to refine it. We’re working on the cover now too. Everything is in process, just going very slow. I’m so ready to see it in print. My friends are too. They keep asking about it. Please keep me in your thoughts…

The holidays are fast approaching and soon we’ll see everything decorated for Thanksgiving then Christmas. And the hustle and bustle of shopping! Time really does go by way too fast. So with that said, let me get back to editing.

Until then my friends……………….

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