Usually I don’t read any of the obits as I enter them on my blog as I do not have time. I will scan to see where they were born so that can be added. I do the obits because of other genealogists who are trying to find something about one of their ancestors.

tree with dna

These obituaries are important as most will give the parents names, next of kin, and some will even throw in extra tidbits to round out that person’s life. Some only give the date of birth and date of death, just mere statements of an individual. They lived, they died.

While adding the obits for this Sunday I was struck by one in particular. It was more than the standard telling of one’s life, it was a tribute to the wife written by her husband. You can go to and read Donna Berez’s tribute. Have a Kleenex handy.

I’ve often wondered who would write my obit. I’ve even put one together for myself and put it in my Bible. It just says “I lived, I died.” Who’s life did I touch? What did I do that was so important that I had to put it in my obituary? I have a beautiful family, a fantastic loving, husband, and more friends that I could ever imagine. They have touched my life and made me the person I am. Whoa, I’m getting too carried away here. Getting too sappy.

So guess I’d better get caught up on all the things I’ve got stacked on my desk. Hubby put up the Christmas lights yesterday. I’ve cleaned up some of my desk but have a LOT to go. I’m trying to finish the rest of the book since I got the last few pages back from my editor. So, got to get with it.

Until then………………………………………

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