To my wonderful followers—-well I’ve been in Branson enjoying time with my hubby at Veteran’s week. Branson goes all out for our vets with free meals, parades, parties, and you name it. It’s nice to visit friends made over the years and to make new friends.

I was able to finally meet Mickey Gilley. I had no idea how bad he had hurt himself helping a friend move. It has taken him quite a while to get back on his feet and he is still not able to play the piano. But he still can sing!

mickey gilley and me 2014

Cheek to cheek!!

I apologize for no obits last Sunday. Looks like my newspaper wasn’t saved for me. I will be posting this weeks shortly.

Again, had a wonderful time in Branson. Also had time to check out the Military Museum in Jefferson City, MO. They’ve just moved into a new building with so much more space. I highly recommend it.

Now it’s catch up time so until then………………………..

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