looking out across ruth's back yardI’d like to say I’ve been too busy to post anything, well, actually I have been busy. That’s no excuse, I know. I’m trying to justify my laziness here. I’m no more busier than anyone else, I just need to look at my priorities and put first things first.

Enough of that.

Growing up I was never allowed to spend the night at a girlfriend’s house. Mom said it just wasn’t done. No option, the answer was no. And, you never argued with Mom. It was “because she said so!”

Not until I was in my sixties did I ever go on week end with the girls. I had so much fun that first time I came home I told my hubby I had to go again. I laughed until I cried. I played games, crafted, and just plain had a good time for three days. It was a chance to form a bond with another girl. That was something I never did growing up. Now I see what they were talking about in the teenage movies I loved to go see.

I’m so glad I gave my girls a chance to do that. I’ve seen their friendships last for a long time.

Our small group of ladies shop, cook, and craft. We teach each other new techniques in painting, sewing, and stamping. cathey's snowman And making decorations! Good job Cathey.

We’ve found the perfect place to chill out. Peacefull, quiet, and serene.

peacefull swing

So excuse me while I put my brain back in the serene mode and try to play catch up on my computer.

Until then………………………………..


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