sac fox cultural center stroud ok

Hubby and I just returned from a four day mini vacation to Oklahoma. I must say it was a very nice relaxing (a lot of driving) four days. Visited friends we hadn’t seen in close to ten years and spent a couple of hours with granddaughter and children. One stop after another, but worth the trip.

Now that I’m putting the finishing touches on the book I thought it was about time I visited the Sac Fox Nation in Oklahoma. Well, it was Saturday, raining, cold, and nobody home! Bummer, and I’m going back. I do have a few unanswered questions and I want to make sure what I have written is correct.

I’m giddy with excitement being this close to publishing. Have to print out again and read once more to catch any mistakes.

Then call the Sac Fox Library and see if I would be able to present the book to them along with a book signing.

sac fox library

So my friends…………until then…………………….

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