My brain in on overload looking at all the ATTCCAT on Family Tree DNA and the many matches on Ancestry. I’m so confused! Now I have 23 and Me to figure out!

What a puzzle—–trying to figure out who my biological father is. Just when I figure I have it narrowed down—-something else pops up and I’m off in another direction again.

books and pen

You would be amazed at how many people you can be related to without even knowing it. I am now, not only married to my husband, we are very distant cousins. Thank goodness, it’s very distant, but we are related. AND it all starts in New England. Even those folks married close relatives! Can you believe it!

I’m rambling. It’s all a big giant puzzle—-even if you do know who your parents are to begin with. Try it sometime. Start out with a short genealogy chart.

What I do know (sometimes isn’t much) but I am confident I have my mother’s side figured out back to 1615 on the Barnes side when they came to America and settled in New York branching out from there. The Green side, well I have them back to 1820 in Washington County, New York. Thanks to Ancestry I’m pretty sure I finally found my Wood line back to the early 1700’s in New Jersey. Thank you goes out to whoever my kin is that posted a lot of information on that family on Ancestry. I will follow up on my paper trail.

So you know what I’m working on today besides doing finishing touches to the BOOK!!! Yea the book. So close…….stay tuned to hear more about Katie.

Until then………………………………..



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