The holidays are upon us. They approach us faster each year. Oh wait, I’m getting older and time slips by me faster. That’s it, I’m sure it is.

Snow in Seattle

I’ve been blessed with two new great grandsons this year. Ten great grandchildren in total. Only two girls.Can’t wait to get my hands on them. Cuddle and plant big kisses all over them!!

I made a bucket list the first of the year and I think I’ve about hit it all. At least I’ve gotten my hubby away from his job for short breaks to help with the stress of everyday happenings. I think, or rather I hope, it has helped him. Not so sure about next year, but never say never.

Hubby put the Christmas lights up yesterday. Now I need to get the tree up and decorated. And put the extra touches on the trimmings. Such a beautiful time of the year, without snow. I had all the snow I wanted while growing up in upstate New York. I remember tunneling our way out on one occasion. It’s pretty to look at but not to shovel.

our christmas project

Anyway, got to get with it and place my calendar in front of me (so I don’t forget my appointments) and check it daily. Writing is top of the list. Hubby and family is next. I missed my Black Friday this year because I woke up with upset stomach, headache, and feeling dizzy. The daughter went with her mother in law, and by the looks of the bags they left at my house they hit all the stores in the Forum!

So until then………………………

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