dna love story

I’ve been busy this last week and the time went by so fast I didn’t get a chance to post anything to my blog. My apologies. Well I could have I guess, but my ole body was a draggin’ when I got home each night from the conference.

Let me tell you about some of it, of course, there isn’t enough space to tell you everything. My biggest, most important thing, what I really, really wanted answers on, was DNA. There it is again, DNA!

dna blueprint of life

I have to have it pounded into my head, go over it again and again, before I get the jest of it. But then, of course, I will never know the whole kit and kaboodle of DNA. But, I was able to figure out some of it.

With the diagrams the instructors displayed I was able to figure out what and how the mutations are given to your descendants, how they are passed down. My 1% of Native American blood wasn’t passed down to any of my children. Guess it stopped with me.

It’s interesting how each one of my children’s DNA differs, but is the same. I’ve had my DNA done, along with two daughters, and one son. From Ancestry our Great Britain percentage goes like this:  Mine is 29%, son: 60%, daughter #1– 16%, daughter #2– 79%.

Ireland: Mine 18%, son: 8%, daughter #1– 23%, daughter #2– 2%.  And so on. Now mind you the children also have half of their fathers DNA. That is a factor also.

There three main companies to have your DNA processed through: Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, and 23andme. I’ve had mine done by Family Tree and Ancestry. Right now the cost of any one of these is $99. Not a bad price to see where your blood line comes from.

I’m still stuck, but getting closer, on finding my biological father. After ten years and lots and lots of matches I have it down to two names. Both names share the same great, great, grandparents (Kinsel and Mattocks). So it still goes to one name, Mattocks (Mattox, Maddox, Mattix), the shared gggrandparents. When tracing your ancestors you really have to check various spellings of the surname.

Happy hunting

Until then……………………………..



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