I’m home again for a month then off with the girlfriends for our annual birthday get away. We get together every October because most of the group has a birthday in October. Only two of us in November, one in August, and one in March. Who cares, we get away and enjoy each other’s company. We craft, sew, laugh, cry, eat, and just have a fun time. What could be better.

Our last jaunt, hubby and me, took us off to the Pacific Northwest. My favorite place in the whole wide world! The mountains, lakes, and rivers. If you’ve never see the Bitterroot mountains in Montana I highly suggest going. Lake Coeur d’Alene is beautiful anytime of the year.

lake coeur d'alene 2014

Hubbs and I met in Spokane and married in Coeur d’Alene so it holds a special place in our hearts. We did a lot of reminiscing this time. Revisited all the old places where we slipped away to be alone. The restaurants, parks, and rivers for picnics. It was wonderful. Oh yes, even after thirty years, the fire is still there.

We were able to visit with my brother for a couple of days and taste the fruits of his labor nestled in his back yard. My little brother, the master gardener. I’m very proud of him.

granny smiths in chuck's garden more apples in chuck's garden 2014

Our daughter graduated as a medical assistant so we were able to be there for her graduation also. An added benefit. Her two children were able to be there too, so there was an added perk. We hadn’t seen them in a couple of years.  We’ve been blessed.

So, like I said, next trip for me is October. Next trip with hubby, November. My feet are itching already. No—wait—-I have to get my rewrites finished. Katie is so close…….. Better get to work!

Until then………………………….

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