Yes, folks, I am home again. But, only for a couple of weeks and then I will be going to visit my daughter, who is graduating in Washington state. That will be a short trip. Then again, all my trips have been short, just a lot of them!

My other daughter, who lives here, her three children and Granny (me) left for the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. I’ve always wanted to go there, just never got the chance. Her children love the roller coasters and the call of the carnival rides. We teamed up and off we went.

It took us one pretty full day of travel, leaving at six o’clock in the morning and arriving at about two in the afternoon. Checked into the hotel and then by five we were at the mall. Of course we had to check it out and get a bite to eat before the next day. After all, we had to plan our strategy for the day, didn’t we? Had dinner at Bubba Gumps where we celebrated the one granddaughter’s birthday. Closed the mall that night.

londyn's bday at bubba gumps in mn

The next morning we opened the mall and we closed it. They rode everything more than once. Zip line only once. Very long line. The food court took up one whole floor where each one of us had something different, Philly Cheesesteak, McDonalds, and Panda Express.

Now it was Granny’s day. There was a few sighs, rolling of the eyes, but by the end of the day they said they really enjoyed Granny’s day. I wanted to go the town where I was born and ask questions. Yes, I’m a genealogist, and I have to ask questions. But, in my home town sits the Hormel Plant, SPAM Museum. The kids got to can their own cans of spam. Couldn’t get them away it.

londyn and her spamethan making spam

Fourth day we left at 0 dark thirty again and ended up in Kansas City with full flights going everywhere. No seats for us, except going to Atlanta. We took it. Spent the night, had dinner at P.F. Chang’s, kids got to go to a small carnival (have to tire them out somehow), Barnes and Nobel (got to keep them reading) then back to our room. WHEW! Full day again.

Finally able to catch flight out on fifth day and got home in the afternoon. Tired, but glad to be home. Dogs were glad to see Mommy. Yea.

Now to play catch up and get ready for next trip. So much to do. I got my manuscript back and now it’s time to fix my boo boo’s and get it ready to send to publisher.

Until then…………………………………..

Watch for it…………………………………….

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