As of yesterday I’ve narrowed it down to Kinsel for the DNA match. I think I’ve thoroughly gone through every Mattocks from Daniel G. Mattocks who married Elizabeth Hayes. There maybe a couple I haven’t been able to figure out who married who, and what were the names of children.

Now on to the Mattocks who married Kinsel. I already have a pretty good spread sheet on children, marriages, and so forth. But I need to knuckle down and peel it apart even more. Like an orange peel the outside then take off each stringy white stuff before you get to the succulent fruit.

I’m off to do that very thing now. Will keep you posted. Hopefully I’m closer to finding my biological father. It’s been quite a puzzle to put together.

Until then……………………….

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  1. Nancy Lauener Littrell says:

    Just found you while trying to figure out Daniel and Prudence of whom I’m a descendant also. I can maybe help you with the Kinsel, Daniel G and Elizabeth Hayes Mattocks daughter Permellia Mattocks married Jim Kinsel. I have dates if you need them.

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