the arrowhead on the san bernardino mountains

My momma always said if your feet itched, you were probably getting ready to take a trip. An old wives’ tale? Probably, but being a military family, you were sure to move every two years whether you wanted to or not.

So, here it is, one whole month and my feet are itching to get on the road. So many places to go, and so much to see and do. There’s genealogy, cemeteries to visit, libraries to prowl, plus dig through court house records. My kind of fun! AND I would like to meet the cousins I’ve found through DNA. We’ve become friends via e-mails.

Now back to writing. My dear “Katie” is on the editor’s desk. I’m still working on my last chapter. I know how I want it to end, but putting things on paper takes a wee bit more work. Like conversations and making sure my scenes are done correctly. Sometimes I get the cart before the horse and I have my character in the house when they should be outside. I’m go grateful for my writing group that helps me each week weeding out those boo boos. Of course, when I get “Katie” back from the editor there will be more work for me, fixing errors she finds.

Just to refresh your memory, or in case you don’t know about Katie. She’s a seven year old Sauk Indian girl who survived the Black Hawk War in 1832.

I guess I could start a bucket list and that way I’d have it in front of me. Then I could check off each adventure as I go. Where shall I start? Hershey, PA, no, let’s go to the Mall of America’s. Both places I could do research too! Then there’s Seattle, South Dakota, Omaha, and Wisconsin. Again, I could do research there too. Let’s face it, my family were gypsies. At least I think so the way they criss crossed America!

Writing first. Still have a devotional to do.

Until then……………………

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