Looks like it might be coming together. The book is finishing up, just a few more chapters to go. Three quarters are being edited. Yea! I’m getting excited.

Now on to the big stumbling block. DNA. I have mounds of papers sitting on my desk from the research I’ve done on two families. Now to put it on a board so I can see what it really looks like. You know put it out there like the detectives do, maybe on a white board. Use my bulletin board with post it notes so I can move them around.

I have two second/third cousins so I will start with them. That’s the Mattocks/Mattix/Mattox line. They share the fourth great grandparents. I should share the same great grandparent. Then I have two fourth/fifth cousin who share that same great grandparent. And now I’ve found another cousin, fifth to eighth cousin that shares that great, great, great grandparent. Could be I have something here. This is the closest I’ve come to in finding my biological father.

So I’m off to work on the book then I will work on the DNA.

Until then……………………

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