I love going on vacation. The sight seeing, meeting new people, and enjoying the cuisine of different places. But, alas, like all good things it must come to an end. Then I’m back to the daily grind, plus playing catch up.

My hubby and I just returned from a wonderful getaway in South Carolina. Neither one of us had been to Myrtle Beach and once there it was everything we’ve ever heard about it. The beach was beautiful, people friendly, and the sea food excellent. I’m ready to go back!

Now it’s home and get back to work writing. So close to finishing my project. The end is in sight. But before I sign off I took a picture of the pier because it looked so inviting. As I got closer I envisioned a story.

So in closing here is the pier. See if you can come up with a story.

Until then…………………………..
closeup of pier
more under the pier

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