My writing mission has been accomplished this last week, even though I ran into several road blocks. This is the second year for my husband and I to go off to our timeshare, me to write, and him, well, he went back and forth to work each day. I knew I was supposed to put my nose to the grindstone and write—get this novel done–and even with the things that happened I’m just a wee bit closer to it.

Monday morning I was all set to get with it. I’d forgotten my thumb drive with my story on it! Bummer—-well no problem I said to myself. I had to read a book for my book club that was meeting in a week, which I hadn’t started, so I read all day. Finished it! GREAT BOOK.

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, plus I was supposed to watch my granddaughter, so I though I’ll get some things put together at the house and be ready for Wednesday. Since the grandson was home he said he’d watch his sister. Thank you Bubba! Did the laundry, ironing, fixed dinner, took puppy to doggie training, and spent the night at home! Hubby didn’t have to drive so far that night.

Wednesday back to the timeshare. I pulled the thumb drive out, plugged it in, and began. Last year I wasted time on line searching for ancestors, as we had wifi. This year no such luck. For some reason I could not hook up, with any of my electronic gadgets! All and all I did get 5000 words written in those three days.

Thursday was writing all day. Yea!

Friday I took a couple of hours break and went to the small mall to get my watch fixed. Then back to writing. As I said I did get some work done.

I did try to sort some of my paper work on finding a missing person……oh my goodness WAVERLY is the hardest name to find on Ancestry! Even harder because I don’t have a first name and no date of birth! If I ever find this guy the whole universe will know it!!!

All I have is a picture, time frame, where he was during 1941 and 1942, and that he was quite chummy with my mother (according to the pictures).

So back to work.

Until then……………………….

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