Laundry is done. Yard is mowed. Hedges are trimmed. Doggie stuff picked up. Now back to genealogy. I have a new match in Ancestry as a 3rd to 4th cousin. My brother does not have this person. YEA! Must be my father’s side. Did I mention my brother and I have the same mother but not the same father?

This is the closest match so far. So I’ve been taking every name this person has listed and trying to find someone who may have a link to my mother. One good thing most of his names (people) lived in Iowa. How much closer to Minnesota can you get without living in Minnesota!

But, so far no one has the last name of WAVERLY. Still looking for Junior Waverly. This guy is very elusive. In fact the last name of Waverly is hard to pin down. I might find a whole family in the 1870 census then never to be found again. Did the flu epidemic wipe them all out? Was there a flood? Your guess is as good as mine.

Waverly must have been special to my mother for her to have several pictures of him, even taking a trip with him to Colorado.

I must get my 20 minutes of writing on my novel in today then I will be able to check names again in genealogy. The novel WILL get finished soon. I’m so close to the end. I’ve become quite attached to Katie. Katie is a Native American girl that survived the Black Hawk War in 1832.

Let me tell you why Katie is important to me. While searching for my father I came across a name that crossed my mother’s path, in fact in the divorce papers his name was mentioned as having an affair with my mother and she had a child from that affair. The divorce papers stated the date as mine. So while looking for his person I found out his great grandmother was Katie. When I read the newspaper article on how she survived the massacre and was adopted by a farmer and his wife, I knew I had to write her story. I had to be her voice.

The sad part, the man is not my father, and Katie is not my great, great, grandmother. But, by the time I found out I fell in love with her. So, the novel means a lot to me.

Now moving on with DNA and following up on this new lead. My 3-4th cousin. Will keep you posted.

Until then…………………………

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