Day One–The Arrival in Dublin

The Flight Attendants turned the lights on about seven o’clock a.m. I’m guessing I’m going to finally get off this flying contraption that’s had me squished up like mashed potatoes in a matchbox! Yea!

I was handed a hot towel to freshen my face and hands, then came the boxed breakfast. Yogurt, Orange Juice, a micro mini peach muffin and a slice of processed cheese. Yogurt and OJ was good. I ordered coffee but before I could cool it enough we landed. Plane touched down at 9:45 a.m. Met with our guide as soon as we cleared customs but had to wait a bit for three more people coming in from another flight. No sense of wasting time, I spotted a coffee shop and headed over to Café Nero and got a small latte. Hubbs said he’d have water.  My first taste of Ireland. Wonderful.

Finally made it to our hotel in city center about noon–Hotel Rim Plaza The Greshem Dublin–built in 1800’s and refurbished. Our room was very old but have history and ambiance. Very small and guess what–single beds. Hubbs wasn’t impressed.

While we waited for our luggage we decided to take a short walk. Lots of people walking everywhere. We walked down O’Connell Street, crossed River Liffy to Trinity. Then made our way through a book store, a wee bit bigger than Barnes and Noble. Bought my first postcards at Carrolls Irish Gifts. After all I’m sure I’m not going to get that perfect picture, although we bought a new camera to get that picture, but at least we’ll have a nice one to show off to everyone. Walked back to hotel to freshen up-rest-and get ready for dinner tonight.


Ready at 4:20 to board the bus to take us to Landowners Hotel for our first meal and Irish show. Entertainment will be at the Den in the hotel. Menu: Vegetable puree soup, which I might add I’ve never had, but thinking I’m going to learn how to make it. Delishious. Rest of meal: Shepard’s pie and brownie with Raspberry Chocolate sauce and scoop of bourbon flavored ice cream! YUMMMM.

IMG_2157Entertainment Great!

Back to hotel and tucked in by midnight. What a day. Very tired couple didn’t mind the single beds that night. Nite–nite all.

Until then my friend……………………………….

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