Ireland in the Killarney National Park house

Our adventure began April 1st when we boarded our flight from San Antonio to Atlanta for our four hour layover. Ah, yes, what would we do without layovers. Anyway since we had plenty of time between our flights and knowing our flight was going to be seven hours long, we decided it was chow time. We found the Natural Bistro and ordered Terikyi Cheicken with rice. We received enough food for an army. We not only got our chicken plus they gave us a salad. Yes, we shared and still threw a lot it away. For airport food it wasn’t bad though.

After eating we made our way to our gate and waited. When we looked at our information booklet they were going to serve us dinner on board. Whoa, and I just ate a big meal. Oh well! After boarding we found our seat and I sat down, belted myself in, and tried to get cozy. Wrong! My knees hit the back of the seat in front of me. I could not move at all! Now this was not going to be a good thing.

I took my shoes off for the long flight. Thoughts of blood clots in my legs started swarming in my mind. I remembered a friend who got that because of a long flight and not getting up and walking around. I whispered a small prayer.

Our meal, a salad with ranch dressing, a small roll, ravioli with spinach, a chocolate chip blondie, and a diet coke, was served at ten p.m. Not too bad for airline food. Flight attendant gave us a hot napkin to wash with before our meal. That was good.

Now to go nite-nite. Lights went out! Could not get comfy. Made a trip to the excellent little potty in the rear of the plane! Try again! No such luck. I dozed off and on all night. Actually this was the worst flight I think I’ve had. Maybe an upgrade for more leg room next time–there’s got to be a better way for an over night flight!

Since April first was my daughter’s birthday so early in the morning I called her and wished her a Happy Birthday. I couldn’t leave without doing that.

So stayed tuned. Until then my friend………………………


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