This year is going so fast I’m ready to say “STOP THE WORLD” I need a break! Do you ever feel this way? I’m going to write a note to myself…DO NOT try writing/working on two big projects at one time! I have finished one “The History of Cibolo” with my writing partner Judy Womack. I’m about ready to give it to my editor. So glad, now I can go back and break my last book apart and make it into two. At least that is what my editor said I needed to do. WHEW!

And while I’ve been working away my publishing partner and I went to a publishers conference (IBPA) in Dallas the first part of April. That was well work the time and money we spent on it. It was so nice to finally put faces to the people we talked to on a regular basis plus meet other author/publishers. I’d heard and seen advertisements of some but believe me there are a lot more publisher/printers out there. I met sisters located in the Los Angeles area who are authors/publishers of children’s books.  Even bought one of the books, “The Audacious Little Princesses” by Janet Breceda Wright, A.E. Wright, and Nataly Wright. Check it out if you are looking for a children’s book.

IBPA Conference with Natalie Wright and Alyssa E. Wright-Myles 2018My schedule was so full I didn’t get their presentation “Multiculturalism in Publishing”. The conference was two full days of back to back breakout sessions. The hotel kept us well fed during both days. I’m looking forward to next years conference on the East coast. Not sure yet where on the East coast, still in the negotiations on place, only date April 5-6, 2019.

Watch for more information when I receive it.

Until then my friend…………………………


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