Good Morning Everyone…there is so much going in I don’t know where to begin. As most of you know I shelved my book about DNA. It was because I have two books in one so after much thought and prayer I set it aside and went back to finishing a book I started about six years ago. Before I started White Moccasins. Okay, well, I must be ADHD…can’t focus.

Sandra Lee Cleary reading at senior center 2017I have too much roaming around my little pea picking brain. Also I’ve been re-directed to finishing up the History of Cibolo book that another lady, Judy Womack, and I put together about four years ago. We found out we have a lot more information to put into the book. Only thing lacking for the history book is early pictures of Cibolo. We are in dire need of those.

So on to what went on this last week end. The Mill Boutique in Cibolo held it’s second annual Meet The Author Day, which I might add, turned out super great this year. Last year we had about seven authors signing their books for guests. This year we had seventeen signed up and thirteen present. What a great day for everyone.

Meet the author with client 2018Melissa Uritaga who wrote Trained Up for children. Judy Watters who has written Panning for Gold in your Golden Years, and Sandra Lee Cleary with White Moccasins. I might add that Judy Watters and Sandra Lee Cleary own Franklin Scribes Publishers and Melissa is one of their clients. We love working with authors who are struggling to get their books published.

Meet the author day with judy's books 2018    Meet the author 2018 Linda DavisLinda B. Davis who wrote about her grandmother Ella Mcfarland. Great reading. Meet the author 2018 Kelly GrettlerKelly Grettler has a book about Sweet Tea By The Live Oak Tree.   Meet the author 2018 Jill Johnston Jill Johnston book on Praises. Meet the author 2018 Irene Aldrich Irene Aldrich’s book on early Cibolo Bits and Pieces of Blue Tafetta. Meet the author 2018 April GardnerApril Gardner has several books about the lives of Indians. Good reading for young and old.

meet the author 2018 Amy BearceAmy Bearce..Bridging the Gap Between Middle Grand and YA Fantasy.

Meet the author 2018 Al BatesAl Bates and his stories of a Wicki…A lighthouse on the Oregon Coast and the men who kept the light burning warning the boats of rocky shores. Watch for his second book that continues the story.Meet the author 2018 Adrienne Dawn Adrienne Dawn and her series…also great reading. These are only a few of the authors present this year. In case you missed the event please stop by the Mill located at 200 N. Main in Cibolo as each of these authors have their books on their shelves. Plus a few more not mentioned.

Again, I am looking for pictures of old Cibolo. We really want to get this book out there for others to see how Cibolo has grown over the years. Although Irene has written her memoir about early Cibolo, from Depression on, there is so much more to tell of the early beginnings of the area.

Until then my friend…………………………….



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