Is this cold ever going to end? Or is it I’m getting old and I can’t get warm any more? I’ve gone to wearing a t-shirt under my sweaters now because I get chilled easily. I’ve become my mother! Oh no, say it isn’t so!

pacific northwest 2017When I was a child you couldn’t bring me inside from the snow. I made snow forts, snow angels, anything I could do in the snow. I tried my hand at ice skating on the neighborhood pond. That didn’t last very long as I couldn’t stand up on the skates very long. My ankles always fell inward. Come to think of it, I wasn’t very good at roller skating either. Guess you could say I couldn’t keep my balance very well.

How did our ancestors do it. I mean they suffered on many occasions during the winter with outlandish temperatures hovering around zero. They didn’t have insulated homes or big insulated parkas. They were lucky if they had a fireplace in the house or even a big pot belly stove they fed wood from their wood pile. If they lived on the prairie they may have used cow chips, if they could find that. Oh, how easy we have it with our forced air heat and air conditioning.

So, here I sit complaining about the cold outside, but oh so warm in my cozy living room. Actually I’m going to praise God for all the luxuries I have. And I’m going to stay inside until it warms up outside. AND work on my novel. AND the Cibolo History book. Will keep you posted. pen-and-quill

Until then my friend………………………….

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