Well here it is the second month of the year, 2018. I pulled the old calendar page off and began to write my appointments down on the new month. Then looking at last months engagements I’m amazed I got anything done. I write down most everything, that is if I remember to jot it down. It gives me an idea on what I did and what I have to do. Somehow each day holds more than what I’ve entered.yearly calendar

Let’s get on with what I’m trying to finish up this for this year. A book about the History of Cibolo. My co-author, Judy Womack, has done a lot of research and now I’m trying to get my part on track.

I went to a meeting the other evening and while they were explaining each detail of what would be taking place before the toll road would commence; they casually said they would have to figure out where the cemetery actually was, and who was buried in it. My ears perked up. Cemetery! Someone said cemetery! I suddenly felt like Lt. Joe Kenda. Well my, my, my.

Well, okay, here it is. I love to traipse through cemeteries and read names, but now I need the information for the History of Cibolo. I drove down the road today they said the cemetery was on, but could not even figure out where they were talking about. I need to know who is buried there. So, I’m off to find out who, what, where, and when…

Speaking of pictures, I’m in need of old pictures of Cibolo. Pictures taken in the early days of the Cibolo. Even pictures of the founding fathers. If anyone knows how I can obtain them I’d sure appreciate that.

Until then friends, I’m busy writing……………………

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