And all through the house…….I’d like to say all is quiet but you know how it is. Everyone one, and yes that includes me, is running around all frazzled, cobbozzled and broke. Oops, did I say broke? Maybe not broke but spending way more than they should buying gifts for every Manny, Aunt Susie, and Uncle Joe.Santa 2017

It seems like we’ve been gone ever since September and I just can’t get ahead on anything. I just get the house back in order, work some more on the book, got re-acquainted with our fur babies, then off we go again. We’ve made a couple of unexpected, but wonderful, extra trips this year and now I’m really, really trying to play catch up.

Hubby has been working on the garage trying to unpack boxes he hasn’t unpacked from our move back to Texas from Oklahoma seventeen years ago. I must say he is getting the place looking nice. Now it’s time to get Christmas decorations out and there are boxes strewn around the garage again. It’s a never ending battle.

I’ve already told you about our trip to Iowa and the unveiling of the historical marker. We were home then off again to our annual trip to Branson. This year we just happened to be there on my birthday. What a lovely week. Dinner at the College of the Ozarks along with the play “Flames of Freedom” performed by the students at the college. Three shows, Neil McCoy, Oakridge Boys, and the Christmas show at the Andy Williams theatre with Jimmy Osmond the 5th Dimension. I really wanted to make another trip back up to Idaho and see my brother but……just waiting for my honey to say “Are you ready to go?” And yes, my bags would be packed and I’d beat him out the door!

Then our writer’s group The Christian Writers Group of Greater San Antonio had their holiday book sale on November 27th so that meant sharing my table with my business partner and selling our books. This year we paid tribute to another writer who passed away suddenly right after her first book came out and we featured her book on our table also. Hope you were watching Irma. Irma showing off her first book MitzieYou did good!

Well now it’s time to get busy to finish decorating the house, writing my yearly Christmas letter, and finishing my book. Yes, I thought I’d have it published by the end of the year but God has other plans. So I’d better get to listening to Him and not me!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Until then………………..

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