Well here we go again. Traveling. I said I wasn’t going to go anywhere for a while but when your hubby takes a job out of state you just have to go visit him. After all you both miss each other.

This was a two fold trip, him working, me getting to meet another one of my sisters. And what a wonderful visit it was. That is until hubby got food poisoning. He was a sick puppy by the time I got him back to the hotel, which cut our visit with my sister. But, there is always another time. Her son and his wife were also able to be present. I really didn’t get to take but one picture. Yes, I see a resemblance. It’s really refreshing to finally see someone else who you resemble. sandie-and-jackie-2017

Another high light of my visit was traveling a portion of old Route 66. In 1956 my mother loaded  five children in her old 1948 Oldsmobile and headed from Fort Drum, New York to Los Angeles, California. Dad was stationed in Japan and had a follow on assignment at Fort Ord in Northern California. The family would be there to welcome him on his return. In the meantime as we traveled old Route 66 in the Ozarks Mom stopped at a gift shop and I bought an old corncob pipe. I kept that pipe for years until finally a few years ago I gave it to my oldest son.

As my husband and I retraced the old Mother Road our map pointed out the many gift shops along the way. I wish I could remember more of my trip west but alas, all I remember was watching for the Route 66 signs to make sure Mom didn’t loose her way.


I finally found a map, from AAA, that shows how the Mother Road starts in Chicago and goes all the way to Santa Monica, California.

Now it’s time to get back to writing and finishing the book. So until then………

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