It’s already the end of January, where has the month gone? The more I do the more there is to do in a day. Plus, now, I need to get tax papers ready for the tax man. Oh let me go back to those good old days where I could sit and watch television, read a book at my leisure, sit on the beach, sit on the porch and watch the birds, and jump in the car and take a long ride to look at the country side. Now I’m teasing you. I don’t remember doing any of the above, even when I was younger. It seems like I have always been chasing little ones, laundry, cleaning house, running errands, and you get the picture.

Okay, most of you know I’m on the go, traveling here and there. Yes, I’m guilty of that and now I want to hop a flight and go to Missouri and meet another sister. I’m supposed to go in November but I have a chance to go earlier so maybe…

I’m still adjusting to the hubs being retired, and I know he has a lot of adjusting to do also just being with me twenty-four seven. He says he is loving it. Me, I’m adjusting.

The book I’m working on, Chasing Rabbits, is coming along nicely. Of course I’m still working on editing and adding new content. I’m hoping it will help others who are searching for their families through DNA.

So, I guess I need to get back to the book. I updated my bio this morning, filed a bunch of receipts, cleaned out the cubby hole that holds the bills. That was a chore. I didn’t know I shoved so many receipts in it. I updated rosters and now updated the blog for today. Whew, now on to editing the book.

Until then my friends…

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