My how time flies. Is it because I’m getting old? Or older? Let me put it another way. I’m not getting older, I’m maturing. Maturing on the outside but still the young, vibrant, energetic, adolescent person I’ve always been.

judy-and-me-at-conference-2016My friend, Judy, and business partner. Now she has taught me a lot about writing and she keeps me straight.

Now don’t start laughing at that. Inside I can still dance circles around the outside me. It’s just the outside me has slowed down a bit. What took me a half hour to do in my younger days now takes me four to five hours to do.

Here’s an update on book I’m working on now, although it’s slow going. I’m halfway through it. Like the book before life is happening and it keeps pulling me away from the computer all too many times. As some of you may know it starts out as a memoir but slowly morphs into how I found my biological father through DNA. Oh, yes, I highly recommend DNA.


Yes, I’ve been traveling again. Going to conferences too. I need all the education I can get. My annual Girl’s Get  Away or rather The October Girl’s Get Away was great. I extended my time this year from two days to five and now I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. We laughed, played games, watched The Phantom Of The Opera, ate, slept, and crafted.  I’m friends with some of the most talented ladies. And they’ve taught me a lot.

crafting-2016Wondering what to do next. So much to do so little time.

I’ve been keeping hubby on his toes too. There is always something to do around the house. Now that he’s retired I can think of hundreds of things to keep him busy. Oh wait a minute, isn’t it almost time to put up the Christmas lights???

Until then……………………….




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