I looked at my posts and thought “Wow, I’m way behind in keeping up with my blog!”

So here it is. I’ve been traveling. A lot. First I went to a wonderful mystery writers conference in Nashville where I met Janet Evonavich and Robert Randisi. Both are mystery writers but Robert also writes westerns. He writes a book a month! Well that can intimidate a person, but a writer must press on and do his own thing.

After the conference my hubby joined me and we were able to take in a few sights plus visit with a granddaughter and her family. That was our high light. Beautiful great grandchildren. Love them bunches.

I was home a couple of weeks and then it was time for our annual trip to the north woods of the Pacific coast. The weather was wonderful, refreshing, cool, and we hated to come home to ninety degree weather.

So let me give you a small tidbit of our trip. So glad hubby loves me. We arrived on Friday, met with children and brother for a day. Then it was off to Hope, Idaho for a few days before returning to spend more time with my brother and sister in law.


We arrived at the resort late afternoon Sunday. All the while we drove I watched as clouds gathered. I told my husband we were in for a storm. We walked up to the reservation desk and told the clerk we were here to check in. She couldn’t find our names. I laid the paper work down that had our conformation on it. After several minutes my husband picked up the conformation paper and looked at me. “We are a week early.”

OOPS. The clerk checked her records and sure enough we were scheduled to come in on Friday, not Sunday. Check in was Friday to Friday, not Sunday to Sunday. She called her supervisor and after a few minutes we were registered guests. Thank you Pend Oreille Shores. lake-pond-orella-2016

We unloaded our luggage and bags of food for a few days and decided we needed to grab a bit to eat since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Now Hope, Idaho does not have much in way of restaurants so our only choice that night was the floating restaurant at the resort. We decided to take the car around the building as it started raining. By the time we parked it was coming down quite a bit. We ran down the dock to the restaurant and entered. Our seat by the window was great as right next to me were two sail boats bobbing in the now churning water. The waitress gave us our water and menus. We said hi to another couple who said the food was great. Our appetite was spiked. As the waitress got to our table the lights went out. She apologized and said we can’t serve, although we were able to talk her into a bowl of soup that was delicious. Green chili corn chowder. The electricity was out for four hours. We sat in the dark contemplating going to bed early when the lights come back on. So time for PBS.

So thus began our week in the woods.

Until then………………………

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