I did it, I finally got my first two chapters of Katie off to someone who will read it and give me feedback, at the conference. I’ve agonized over sending the pages but if you don’t jump in you don’t know. Period.

paper and pen

I’ve been checking different avenues for publishing and it all looks scary. Send out query letters. Don’t send out letters. Send your manuscript. Don’t send. What’s a writer to do?

Follow your heart. Listen to the still small voice. Pray.

Katie wants to tell her story.

wistful katie II

We shall see. Until then…………………

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  1. Marie C. Senter says:

    prayers and more prayers……..and if sending a pat on the back for heading ‘forward! charge!’ you
    can feel it……..see you Monday 5-ish ?

  2. Good for you, Sandy. Congratulations on the move forward.

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