john mills 2015

John Mills, author, publisher at Franklin Scribes passed away a week ago. He is going to be missed by family and friends. I looked forward to meeting with him, along with several other writers on Monday evenings at our favorite restaurant, Fiesta Patio in Universal City. We hashed out our differences on writing, talked about which conference would benefit each other, and just enjoyed each other’s company. After dinner we’d walked across the parking lot to the church for our Christian Writer’s Group meeting.

I met John about eight years ago when he started working on his book, Buried. He was in my group of fiction writers. Actually there were three in my group who were working on their first book, I being one of them.

The Christian Writer’s Group has two groups of fiction writers and two groups of non fiction. We critique each other’s writing helping the writer to further their story to publication.

John always reminded me of that boy who sat in the back of the class cracking jokes, throwing spit wads, and anything else to disrupt the class. He had a heart of gold though and wanted to help others see the fruitarian of their hard work, plus he wanted his work published. He was not a happy camper with writing the synopsis, cover letter, and jumping through hoops to get his book published. Hence, he started his own company: Franklin Scribes. He has helped several friends in our group publish their books since.

Rest in peace, John, but I do have a bone to pick with you when I see you again. How dare you up and die on me before you published my first book! It’s finished, now I have to jump through the hoops. All kidding aside, you are going to be missed sorely.

Prayers go out to his wife and family.


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  1. Thanks, Sandy. A very nice tribute to our fellow writer and old friend. You’re write, John will be missed.

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