our charriottAnd soon it will be gone again, gone again, jiggity jog! It’s summer and time to see the world. Well maybe not the world, but a bit of America. Putting together my bucket list so to speak. This last week I saw a part of this great land I thought I’d never see. Cape Cod, Boston, Newport, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Providence, and went whale watching. And my head is swimming with history. We had a wonderful guide and bus driver. They have ruined me for anyone else!


And our leader gathering her children Melanie. What a doll and so informative.

our leader melanie

Seriously, hubby and I had a great time. I know where we got the word wampum from. I know that the Wampanoag Indians made the wampum from the quahoaug shell. It’s a clam and it tasted good!

We had a Pilgrim lunch at Plymouth Plantation consisting of turkey, squash, cheese, bread, butter, prunes, grapes, and corn pudding. I won’t be making corn pudding anytime soon!

corn pudding

I was amazed at the summer cottages at Newport, Rhode Island. In my book they were mansions. When you start to talk about the gold room, the purple room, etc., that means mansion to me. The grounds were beautiful with trees and flowers and of course overlooking the sound. We had dinner one night in Little Italy, Angelo’s Restaurant. Angelo’s was 90 years old, all home made food and excellent. Even Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives found it to their liking. Guy left his signature on their wall for all to see.

Our tour was fast paced but we still had free time to shop. And as my husband can attest, I shopped! Well, I had to bring back all those little goodies I couldn’t find here didn’t I? I thought I was going to have to buy another suitcase at one point. But, like a true shopper I was able to stuff everything in to what I had. Yea for me.

So now I’m home and it’s time to get to work and get caught up. Caught up so I can go again on my next adventure. Will keep you posted.

Until then.

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