I keep asking God when is it my turn. My turn to get the book published. My turn to find out who my biological father is. My turn, my turn, my turn. He keeps whispering in my ear, patience my child. Patience. A lesson I’m learning, very slowly.

The house is about back in shape and it’s time to get with the genealogy and writing again. I just hate taking these breaks for house cleaning and running errands, and etc. I need to have my “bic” (butt in chair) everyday working on the computer.

My favorite thing to do is research. That sounds crazy but I like looking up things, places, people, and all that stuff. Last night I watched Mysteries At The Museum and they did an article on the locust in 1875. Really interesting. I know my ancestors were in Kansas at that time and never understood how devastating the plague was to their crops and their lives. It puts a new light on their lives.

Anyway, got to get with it so will be keeping you posted on the book that was finished but I found some boo boo’s that have to be fixed. So another delay folks.

Until then……………………………..

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