Usually it takes me an hour to add the obituaries to my blog. I add them because there are those out there working on their ancestry and the obit will tell them a little bit more about their ancestor. I look for obits a lot!

Normally I do not read all of the obits but every now and then I can’t help myself. One will catch my eye and I have to read it. I like to read about other people and what they did in their life, where did they go, who did they marry. Who knows, maybe I’ll find one of my ancestors in the obits I put on line. Yeah, right. But it could happen. Just saying….

I have one dog at my feet, one dog in her bed and one laying in the wingback chair sleeping. The one in the chair will raise her head every now and then just to make sure I haven’t left her. What rotten dogs!

I haven’t worked on my family tree for quite a few days. I mean really worked on it. It’s in bits and pieces. Just imagine what I could do if I’d direct all my attention to my tree. I might even find the missing link! Every time I think I’m close I realize I’m not and it’s back to the drawing board. Can’t wait to shout it out when I find the missing piece. So guess I’ll stop this thinking out loud and get to working.

Until then……………………..

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