Here it is March. I feel like I’m falling behind, way behind. Still working on my query letters and summary to send out to publishers. Not feeling comfortable about it but I have to make the big plunge. Oh wait, I don’t like getting my face under water. OOPS, this is different!

All kidding aside, I’ve got to get this done this week. I’m off to Los Angeles in a few weeks. I’m excited. The grandson is in a talent showcase and I’m really hoping I’m going to get to meet this person who is a producer, director, and screen writer. I’ve tried getting together with him on several different occasions but it hasn’t happened. Think I’m gonna corner him this time! I’m taking his momma with me!

So, today, I’m secretary for hubby plus trying to get my things together. Too many things going on!

Until then my friend ……………………….

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