Great Conference

This last week end I attended a terrific conference in Austin. Story Circle Network. Stories for women written by women. Memoirs mostly. I was able to meet ladies that had the same interests that I had. Wanting to tell the stories of other women in their families. Stories of how their grandmothers road a wagon while grandpa walked along side keeping their cattle in check. Stories of fleeing their home lands and being tossed about on small ships crossing the rough seas, looking for land they could call their own, and the freedom to speak without being thrown in jail for their views. Can I say “wow”!

I want to tell the stories but most of the time I have trouble of sitting my “BIC” to strike the keys to produce pages of words. The laundry calls, dogs have to go potty, I have to go potty, pull meat out of the freezer for dinner, make the bed, do the dishes, vacuum, dust, mow the lawn, and the list goes on and on. Then there is the excuse of looking at the screen and the mind goes blank!

I attended a great workshop on writing 20 minutes a day. Just write. Len Letherwood was full of ways to get your juices going from keys to screen. Here is her blog
Check it out.

With that said I hear my Katie calling. I need to get some more words on paper so I can finally finish her story. So close to the end.

Until then……………………

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