I really thought that once you retired from a real job your life slowed down.  WRONG!  I am busier now than ever before.  This week I have a meeting every night plus I leave for a four day writer’s conference!  Then I’m home going to a Celtic Women concert and off to a week of seclusion for writing.  (Who am I kidding……seclusion!)  Ha!

During that week of seclusion I have a dentist appointment plus my granddaughter will be spending a night with me.  I pray I get some writing done!

Now the other BIG thing going on is my DNA.  I will figure out–how to figure out—this DNA thing.  So glad I have a genealogy friend who is helping me.  Between Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA I WILL figure out who my biological father is.  So, sir, if you are trying to hide, forget it!  What am I saying here, he has probably passed away!  Just hope some of his kin folk has taken a DNA test.

Did I mention my hubby and I just got back from a quick trip to Kansas City to visit his aunt who just celebrated her 87th birthday?  I made a very quick ancestry book for her and from what I understand she still hasn’t put it down.  She said she found things she really didn’t know about her family.  I’m just glad I was able to put together birth, death, marriage, land papers, and pictures for her.  And thank you to the other genealogy folks on Ancestry who posted the pictures.  Even my hubby had never seen most of the pictures.  Thank you for sharing.

Now back to the DNA.  The San Antonio Historical Genealogical Society is having a conference in August and there will be at least one class on DNA.  You can bet I’m going to be there.  Maybe they can help me figure out how to read these numbers and such.

So will keep you posted.

Until then………………………


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