This last week I received a note from a relative asking me for information on my Wood line.  I noticed he had information also.  We got together and combined what we had and furthered our family members.  Yea!

Sharing is good.  Keeping it to yourself not so good!

Sometimes you run into road blocks, brick walls, etc. and it gets so frustrating.  The more you look the more you keep going in circles and get no where.  That is when you let it go and look into another line in your ancestry.  Not saying that you will find more information on that line, but it takes you away from the frustration on the other line.  You get what I’m saying?

Anyway, with the help of Ancestry and the message board there my relative and I were able to piece our Wood line together.

Now then, it does help sometimes if you do the DNA also.  I’ve found quite a few cousins on my Barnes line.  From that, several of us keep in touch and message back and forth.  Now then, my Barnes line cousins live all over the United States, so I can see how far my ancestors traveled from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

So today I’m in the process of putting information in hubby’s family tree.  Most of his relatives stayed in the New England area and Canada.  Not like my gypsy family that traveled here there and everywhere!  No, they really weren’t gypsies, but sometimes it seemed like it.

Back to work.

Until then……………………………….

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