History of Early Cibolo, Texas

A friend of mine and I started working on a short book on the history of Cibolo, Texas about two years ago.  The book is finished and we have taken it to the publisher to see about publishing it.  Will keep you posted.

Although rich in history Cibolo has taken a back seat to the surrounding towns. Until recently with the booming building of homes Cibolo was a quiet town twenty miles north east of San Antonio.  The Wichita, Karankawa, Caddo, Lipan, and Tonkewa Indian Tribes liked the grassy banks and hidden spots and made their camps in and around Cibolo several months in the summer.

Many streets are named after the early settlers like Borgfeld, Pfeil, Schlather, and Pfanstiel.  Schools carry their names, Schlater, Weiderstein, and Bracken.  Parks like Niemetz named after Admiral Niemetz.  The list goes on.

So stay tuned for more info on publishing and information on Cibolo.

Cibolo turn of century


Until then…………………………

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4 Responses to History of Early Cibolo, Texas

  1. Erika says:

    Any updated info?

  2. Pat Ezell says:

    Hello – I’m wondering if you ever published your work on Cibolo? I am researching information about the Bracht-Stapper-Rhodius families who had a farmstead south of the Cibolo and are listed as being in the Cibolo Valley Settlement. But cannot find them in the 1870 Bexar County census. 1860 has their address as being in Selma, but now I’m suspecting that was probably the post office for the area and that’s why the Cibolo Valley is no longer identified as a separate entity on the census. Any ideas or assistance or recommendations?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.
    Pat Ezell
    San Antonio

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