Part 2

We packed so much into a day I had to split things up. No wonder I was beat when I went to bed each night. But what a day.


At five forty five we left for the Cleaver Hotel for dinner. Again it was raining and wind blowing pretty good by now. Yes, it was still pretty cold. Grumble, grumble. I didn’t bring heavy enough sweaters! Colette, our guide, said they were getting storms from North–Norway. North Atlantic. Last week winds came from the Azores and they were warm. Everyone was wearing t shirts! Really? I can’t imagine that. My teeth were chattering. I guess you might say it was kind of like Texas weather.

The hotel was small and had meat cleavers hung on windows, walls, and doors. Sure hoped they were anchored down securly. We sat with Bob and Paula, Margaret and David, and last but not least Ron and Joyce. Great company. Bob and Paul were from Rochester, MN, Margaret and David from Texas, our home church and Ron and Joyce were also from our church.

Curtis and I ordered salad and cod. I had Chocolate Mouse for desert and he had an apple crisp. Now, really, we have to have our desert!

End of day, good conversation getting to know our fellow travelers. Looking forward to tomorrow when we head south to Kilkenny.

Until then my friend…………………………


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