I know it’s not New Year’s yet but I’m so full of all the good stuff that has happened this year I know I’m going to explode. Well, maybe not, but I just have to share with what has happened the last six months.

Crosses 001And I want you to know my Jesus has really taught me patience! I just have to remember it!

My book has gone to the publisher. Yea! We’ve been working on the book cover. So watch for the big book launch probably after the first of the year. I’m so excited.paper and pen

Now for the next BIG thing. I finally found my biological father (patience here). I feel like it’s taken a life time but it’s probably only been the last twenty years that I’ve really worked at it.

AND now for the last three weeks so much has fallen into place. Today another cousin has helped me tremendously. Can’t wait to get back to Ancestry to work on some more of it. Will keep you posted on that. He said there was a surprise waiting on one of the lines (your Highness)…..okay so away I go to do some one digging!!!

Until then………………………………..

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