Another birthday party to plan for. Only this time I don’t have to buy party favors. It’s a four day week end. Most people are franticly trying to get everything caught up at home so they can take off and go to the beach, or perhaps the mountains (that is if you can find mountains in Texas).our charriott

I’ll be gallivanting off to Oklahoma to see grandchildren and great grandchildren. You’d think I’d see them more often as Oklahoma and Texas are so close to each other. Well that is if you live in north Texas I would. When you live in south central Texas it takes you six hours or more to just get to the state line. And I will be traveling to north Oklahoma. Oh my!

It will be a road trip for two daughters and myself, oh, and of course, three of my grandchildren. It should be fun. Lots of talking, singing, children grumbling. Oh yes and the potty stops. Can’t leave those out. When you stop for a potty stop you have to get something to drink and a snack to go along with it.

Hopefully I will be able to stop at a cousins house and chat for a brief time. I have to include this special cousin. I found her through DNA. I wish I could spend a lot more time with her but I cherish the time we do have.

family tree

So hopefully I’ll have more to talk about when I return. Until then, have a safe and enjoyable weekend and Happy Birthday America……………………………….

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